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Erick Amarante is a Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Curator and Independent Cultural Producer, creator and coordinator of 4 ALL ART.


Career includes:

Artistic/Cultural scenes in the city of São Paulo

exhibitions  in Brazil, and  the UK, selling his work throughout Europe and USA.

Offering project specific content, experience guided tours, lectures, workshops and events.


He studied Visual Arts in England. In Germany he dedicated himself to the art of iron works. In Switzerland, he honed his photography and studied  curatorship, in Brazil he was selected for the artistic residency at Ateliê Oriente, exhibiting his works at the Festival Foto em Pauta (Tiradentes, MG). In 2017 he graduated  as an Integrative Coach from ACI (Academy of Integrative Coach). In 2019, he began his training as a group's facilitator through the Germinar Program, which provides individual development paths that increase awareness and allow for the construction of healthy social environments. Its mission is to facilitate processes of transformation and personal development for society through art. Amarante believes in the power of art to change people's lives.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+ 535 8745 6481

+ 55 11 9 8703 3244 (whatsapp)