About the artist Erick Amarante:

Perceptions of the world

Art is a form of mental movement. There is the dynamism of those who create, but also of those who observe. In this game, the images lead paths of understanding the world, whether through painting, watercolor, photography or sculpture. The biggest challenge is to think and enable plastic forms and contents to emerge.

Erick Amarante brings to the scene in his works compositions that weave possibilities for visual interpretation in which, often, the real and the imaginary dialogue to break boundaries and weave connections between what can and what appears to be an image or perception of the world.

An omnipresence in his work is the conviction of the relativity of things and the importance of feeling a part of what surrounds us. It is not a question of mere engagement, but of an attentive doing in which webs of (re) connection are constructed between the apparently known and the mysterious or unknown.

Visual creation is one of the existing platforms for these links to remain strong. Music is another way. Both can meet through the photographic image that crystallizes the existence of the most varied forms, always with the conviction that support is the least important when it comes to freedom to create.

Oscar D'Ambrosio is a journalist from USP, a master in Visual Arts from Unesp, a graduate in Letters (Portuguese and English) and a doctor in Education, Art and History of Culture from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Manager of Communication and Marketing at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.

Cultural Producer and Visual Artist, Erick has been growing and contributing to the artistic scene of São Paulo, producing quality exhibitions and content, guided tours, lectures, workshops and photographic tours, providing exchange environments for artists and the general public.
Questioner, restless and above all a person who seeks to contribute to the world through his sensitivity, aims to stimulate creative thinking, believing in the power of art to transform lives.