The best way to explore São Paulo

 love to create a fantastic and striking experience for you

St. art


4 hour | 8 hour

Vila Madalena’s street art 

Brazil | São Paulo

 Historical Downtown


4 hour | 8 hour

São Paulo's downtown and Historic points

Brazil | São Paulo

Cultural Line


8 hour

Visit Top Art & Culture Points

Brazil | São Paulo



8 hour

Unique Eco places inside São Paulo, 

Waterfalls | Mountains 

Brazil | São Paulo


Can you imagine being able to know São Paulo from a completely enchanting and surprising perspective?

Erick Amarante is a visual artist and through guided and personalized tours reveals secrets of São Paulo’s capital. Its innovative vision combined with his artistic work transcend traditional walks and lead you into an unexpected universe of the city.

33 years old, Erick studied in England, Germany and Switzerland, where he devoted himself to artistic research and spirituality. Living in São Paulo since 2017, where he’s been promoting experiences in the city and made guided tours for people from all over the world. He's successful and recognized for his work because of his great dedication and sensitivity.

As an artist, understands that every day people are like a blank canvas and his work is to paint it, in a way that makes impressions that will be etched forever in their lives.


Tel. +55 11 98703-3244

Erick Amarante

R. Minas Gerais, 112 - Higienópolis, São Paulo - SP, 01244-010



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