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Gratitude and hard work!

New site, first blog post and positive vibes!

I am very happy that finally the website is done, of course this is just a start and with time things will develop and will get even better! For this big step in my career I am very thankful to Sandra for the hours of work that she put in with so much love.

On our last trip to the beach I made this lovely photo shooting to thank Sandra for everything!

  • About this image: the colour blue represents me, the yellow represents her and the green represents the union of our love.

About the blog

This blog is a dream I've had for many years, it is a place to share my visions, thoughts and experiences around the world, all so to talk about my ongoing projects like ENTREMUNDOS, Religare, The Soul of music, and many others.

Future of the site,

For the future of the site I would like to have more comments about my artistic artwork, an on-line store with all my products and be able to sell my pictures and art. So that it's all for now thanks very much for reading. My wishes for positive vibes and love for you!

I am Erick Amarante and I am living 4 ALL ART

This text is written by a dyslexic. English is not my native language, if any spelling or grammatical errors are noted please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any suggestions for improvement I count on your help and contribution to be able to improve and evolve.

We are 100% responsible I'm sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you Ho’oponopono

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